Our Philosophy

Creating a Restful Home

Park House Rest Home is just that; a home. We encourage our residents to maximise their independence within the home; and we support them in doing this by taking care of life’s essentials.

Life at Park House is centred around the Living Room, where families are encouraged to spend time whilst visiting. This communal atmosphere is important to us, and we think it makes for a happier home.

Our Aims and Objectives

We aim to provide our residents with the best possible quality of life in an environment which is clean, comfortable, safe and welcoming.  Our main objectives as listed on our Statement of Purpose are to:

  • Facilities

    We have all the necessary facilities to make any stay comfortable, including an attractive garden.

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  • Activities

    We offer a wide range of inclusive activities intended to make every stay enjoyable.

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  • Prices

    Prices start at the local authority rate, making high quality care available at an affordable price.

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  • Contact

    We have vast experience in caring for those with specialist needs. Contact the owner and manager directly.

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