Affordability and Value

We provide a high quality of care at an affordable price. We accept clients who are funded by the local authority. Our private fees start at the local authority rate, with fees above this based on care need.

Park House prides itself on providing high quality care at an affordable price. It is sometimes the case that the local authority will pay part of the fees, and the client will need to pay a contribution. This contribution is set by the local authority.

Privately funded stays are also charged starting at the local authority rate, with fees above this based on care need. For the financial year 2014/15 this rate is £72.58 per day for Elderly Residential Very Dependent with Dementia. The associated non-dementia rate is £60.69.

We offer additional services such as providing transport and a carer for hospital visits. We do this because we know families often have work commitments and are unable to accompany them to such appointments. The charge for these activities is based on the wages of the carer and reasonable transport costs. No premium is added for this service and is based on actual expenses only.

  • Facilities

    We have all the necessary facilities to make any stay comfortable, including an attractive garden.

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  • Activities

    We offer a wide range of inclusive activities intended to make every stay enjoyable.

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  • Prices

    Prices start at the local authority rate, making high quality care available at an affordable price.

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  • Contact

    We have vast experience in caring for those with specialist needs. Contact the owner and manager directly.

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